Project Management

Flexible Circuit Technologies (FCT) prides itself on our ability to support our customers with overall project management for new product development efforts to long term production programs.

FCT’s New Product Development Teams – FCT’s Application Engineers, CAD team and Support Staff are all geared to support our customers in new product development efforts. FCT’s focus is on the bare flex circuit and often on your bill of materials (BOM) inclusive of component procurement, prototyping, pre-production runs and support in providing overall project management to assure that the process runs smoothly. Once our customers get to a point where the associated part moves to longer-term production; FCT transitions this part to our specialized Production/Blanket Team

FCT Production/Blanket Program Management team – FCT’s Production/Blanket Team is specifically in place to support customers that have moved to production/blanket status. This team provides overall project management in coordinating with our customers.  This includes ordering the add-on components for sub-assembly, assuring components get to FCT Asia on time, coordinating FCT’s production schedule/builds, coordinating our inventory and stocking program, and meeting ship dates and JIT production schedules of our customers.