Plastic Moldings and EO Sterilization

FCT Steri-Med is our plastics injection molding group that also provides EO Sterilization services, located in Dongguan - Guangdong, China.

Today we are able to meet customer's direct needs for plastic moldings and also utilize our group in support of product modules and/or complete product box builds that require plastic moldings.  

Added Detail:

  • Machine sizes 90 Ton -150 Ton.
  • EO Sterilization.
  • Class 100,000 clean room.
  • 13485 Certification.
  • Standard molding along with over molding & insert molding.
  • Allow FCT to control molding portion along with electrical.
  • Assembly options at molder and FCT.
  • Welding, Potting, Packaging.
  • Qualified sourcing available for additional molding & metal fabrication.
  • FCT Program Management and ownership.

Should you be in need of plastic injection molding, please request a quote and provide us with your STEP file and we will be happy to review and quote.


Plastic Moldings
Flexible Circuit Technologies, a premier global supplier in design and production of
Flexible Circuits, Rigid Flex, Flexible Heaters, Flat Flex Cables, Membrane Switches, Plastic Moldings, Assemblies, Product Module Builds to Complete Product Box Builds

EO Sterilization

FCT Steri-Med also performs EO sterilization (Ethylene Oxide Processing); often utilized as a preferred process for sterilizing medical devices and instruments.  The process allows for using breathable packaging of products that are then placed within a vacuum sealed chamber whereby the products are exposed to Ethylene Oxide gas.  The EO gases will penetrate the breathable packaging and will sterilize all accessible surfaces of the associated products. 

The alkylating agent within EO prevents microorganisms from reproducing as it alters the DNA of the microorganisms.  This disruption is what prevents the microorganisms from reproducing assuring that the product is safe, sterile and ready for delivery.  

EO Sterilization Process Routing Steps include:

  • EO Sterilization Spec and Product Receiving
  • Product Pre-Handling
  • Sterilization System Cleaning
  • EO Sterilization
  • Residual Flushing
  • Aeration
  • Test and Inspection
  • Record/Review and Approval
  • EO Sterilization – product release

Medical is a top market for FCT where we serve start-ups to top Medical Device companies across the globe. Given the growth of our product module and box build business, FCT is further prepared to meet customers growing needs with the addition of FCT Steri-Med as our Plastic Injection Molding and EO Sterilization group.

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