Flexible Circuit Technologies (FCT) is a leading global supplier of Flexible Circuits and related Value Added Services.  Most often, we work with engineers who are seeking support for their product development efforts. Our website is designed to be a resource to the very engineers that we serve and it offers a significant amount of information that will be helpful to your efforts.

We Go Where Others Will Not

FCT is a leading global supplier of flexible circuits, rigid flexible circuits, flexible heaters, flat flexes, membrane switches and value added services. We know how difficult it can be to find a supplier that is experienced in a broad range of industries with diverse enough expertise to take on any technical or design challenge. We believe you have come to the right place!

FCT offers true differentiation with:

Internationally recognized flex circuit Application Engineers and Design Team offering 150 years of combined industry experience.

Industry leadership for IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries), co-chairing the Flexible Circuit Design committee which allows us to offer demonstrated leadership for our industry and industry standards.

Broad industry expertise.  Serving leading companies across the globe with a market focus on commercial applications in Medical, Wearables, Automotive, Industrial, Consumer/Telecomm/Data, CMs, EMSs, and Product Development Labs.

Asian based manufacturing facilities allow us to offer unwavering quality and competitive prices.

Offering full customer support & Value Added Services including:

  • Single, double, multi-layer and rigid flex, flexible heaters, flat flexes, membrane switches, 
  • Unsurpassed industry knowledge
  • Rapid response and service with the sense of urgency you demand
  • Design optimization, DFM (Design for Manufacturing), and final flex design
  • Supply chain management for components and materials
  • Prototypes through high volume production
  • Assembly services: connectors, SMT (Surface Mount Technology), through hole, pins, contacts and more
  • Testing (electrical/functional and prototypes)
  • On-time delivery
  • Inventory/stocking program for finished products to meet customer JIT (Just In Time) production schedules
  • Overall focused project management to meet your needs
Our unique business model allows FCT to effectively and efficiently serve customers across the globe….


Typically home country and USA based flex manufacturers tend to be more expensive when supporting commercial applications. Asian based brokers attempting to serve abroad tend to offer far less control over manufacturing processes, quality systems, and lead times, while offering more risk.

FCT is uniquely positioned to provide you with outstanding support, quality flexible circuit products, and competitive prices due to our Asia based manufacturing facilities. Contact FCT for your flexible circuit requirements and enjoy an unmatched design and manufacturing experience coupled with a strong commitment to high quality and cost effective flex circuit design solutions.

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