The Wearables market is exploding with opportunities and Flexible Circuit Technologies is right in the middle of it!

FCT has supported wearable applications with flexible circuits dating back to 2007 with experience involving medical related wearable applications.

In 2012, we met with a product design firm who was working with the leading athletic wear company on the globe on a wearable wrist band program. While working with other flex providers, the product design firm could not get the flex circuit to work or perform in this demanding application.

FCT was engaged and did a design review.  We then came up with breakthroughs in the flex design that led to a flexible circuit that would perform as intended, allowing for one of the most successful product launches in the Wearable space to date.  We supported this opportunity with design review, design changes and optimization, prototyping, and also were the sole source for production for this high volume program.

Flexible Circuit Technologies has been involved in a broad range of wearable programs, past and present that include head/eye/ear, wrist, hand/finger, chest, leg/ankle, and foot related applications.

Our 250 years of combined Application Engineer and Design Experience allows us to develop cost saving designs that are manufacturable, leading to the best overall value.
Flexible Circuit Technologies, Inc. a leading supplier of flex circuits & designs
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