Superior Design Assistance

Flexible Circuit Technologies Application Engineers and CAD team offer design consultation, design optimization, and design for manufacturing (DFM) services.    Our vast design expertise in flexible printed circuits, rigid flex circuits, and flexible heaters allows FCT to deliver cost effective solutions to our customers.  Achieve superior savings by attaining expert design support on the front end of your program!

FCT’s Application Engineers support all of the markets that we serve with long term experience. We are able to leverage past project and application experiences in support of taking on new projects and new applications, leading to improved designs and solutions for our customers.

Mark Finstad, Sr. Application Engineer, is co-chair of the IPC-2223 Flexible Circuit Design committee, and is an active member of the IPC-6013/4202/4203/4204 committees allowing FCT to help set standards for the industry while assuring that our team is up to date with the latest industry standards.

Additional Design Resources Information:

We pride ourselves on solving problems for our customers. We have found flex circuit design solutions where others may have fallen down or given up. Not only can we resolve your design challenges, we can bring your design to life with unparalleled program management ensuring product quality and timely delivery.

Things to consider when preparing your design include:
  • Dimensional limitations and flexibility needs
  • Conductor routing and spacing
  • Component needs and locations
  • Final finishes
  • Shielding requirements

What is more important saving pennies on the piece price or achieving far more (10%, 20% or more) in savings by attaining a more cost effective design?

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